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Foreman Training

Presented by the Southwest Washington Labor Management Cooperation Committee

One of the most challenging transitions in the construction industry can be the move from tradesman to foreman. Going from doing things to getting things done requires a completely different skill set. Unfortunately, many Foreman and soon to be Foreman have no formal training on subjects that could improve their job sites productivity, foster better outcomes of their workers and reduce the pressures put on them.


This Foreman Training Program was created locally, with feedback from Local 76 Contractors, current Foreman and IBEW 76 Labor Representatives to highlight subjects most valuable to our people. It is split into four-sessions with each session being offered every year at the same time. We hope this will allow attendees flexibility in their busy schedules to complete the full program.


Open to all Inside, Residential and Sound & Communication Bargaining Unit Members of IBEW 76. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance for each session and a Letter of Completion for finishing the entire series.


A list of unemployed members who have taken the Foreman Training series, will be provided to Employers upon request.

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